Welcome to my website.

I have been a magician who has been entertaining audiences     for over 30 years, not only in the Madison area, but throughout   the state of Wisconsin, as well as other states in the Midwest.

My magical acts are a unique blend of magic and comedy, with a little juggling thrown in.  My shows are designed to amaze      and amuse and are sure to entertain all of the members of the   audience.

My real name is David Schumacher.  To make it easier for people to remember my name, I have shortened my last name to "Schu".  When you watch my performance, you will immediately see that I can do amazing things.  Therefore, when I take the stage to perform my magical wizardry,  I become:  THE AMAZING SCHU.
The Amazing Schu
I often try to customize some of the tricks in the show to directly relate to the organization that hires me to perform the show.  Many of my routines are my own inventions - which means that the audience will witness miracles that they have never seen before.  Some lucky audience members even get the opportunity to be part of the show as they assist with the making of the magic.

Please check out my website.  It will give you information about the different types of shows that I perform. I hope to hear from you so that we can transform your party into a truly entertaining and enjoyable magical event. 

Here are some sample videos of both my stage and closeup magic: